A truly global university

ArcelorMittal University plays a key role in strengthening our corporate culture and advancing careers

We are very proud of ArcelorMittal University and what it offers our employees. Not only does it provide new recruits and current employees the resources and support necessary to improve and advance their careers, but like all good universities it is a place for exchanging ideas, connecting and networking, and for expanding horizons.

From career-enhancing management courses to tailored induction programmes and online language tuition to help international moves go smoothly, the University is an invaluable company-wide resource.

In 2011 more than 20,000 employees took a total of around 375,500 hours of courses and training linked to the University. And it is not just the individuals who enrol who benefit. This knowledge foundation plays a crucial part in forging our company’s identity, both internally and externally. Through its varied curricula and programmes, it helps to spread and strengthen our core corporate culture, values and strategy right across the company and beyond into the wider business world.

The main campus is in Luxembourg, but, like our company, the University is a global institution, with several campuses in different parts of the globe. Residential leadership and management programmes are attended by people from around the world. There are also campuses in South Africa, the Czech Republic and Spain, regional and local training centres worldwide, and a virtual universe of online learning options that can be accessed from anywhere.

The programmes are varied in content and format, but they all have a carefully designed structure which helps students learn in a way that will progress their career and personal development.

New ArcelorMittal recruits can take advantage of the University’s induction programmes, which help to give employees a flying start to company life in general, and specifically to life in the division they are joining. An example of this is the recent two-month global purchasing induction programme which helped its five graduates to hit the ground running.

University programmes

The University groups many of its courses into academies, which help to pull together the best and most efficient teaching to promote excellence. Academies cover areas such as leadership, management and e-learning, as well as ‘functional’ sectors such as steel, finance, IT, research and development and sales and marketing, legal, health and safety, internal assurance, human resources and purchasing. The academies play a key role in identifying, nurturing and allowing talent to flourish, particularly through the ‘talent pipeline’ programmes. These are part of the leadership academy and are designed to put different focus on developing new leaders, as are the ‘career accelerator’ and ‘core leadership and management skills’ courses.

The University’s comprehensive online e-learning arrangement includes accessible modules and training across all divisions, as well as language courses aimed at helping our international workforce as they move around the company and the globe. And with other learning options available, such as the diverse ‘lunch and learn’ programmes and business book reviews, we offer opportunity and encouragement to every individual to develop their personal skills and technical competence according to their level of experience, thereby increasing their potential for further career development within the company.

The University’s mission is to ‘learn, grow and connect’ by being an empowering institution for individuals and the company alike.

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